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  • [S1751] 1930 United States Federal Census, ABBR Census
  • [S1752] 1915 Kansas State Census
  • [S1753] Marlene Luyster, E-Mail from Marlene Luyster
  • [S1754] Lesley Anne Gatt, E-Mail from Lesley Anne Gatt, #105-15777 Marine Drive, White Rock, British Columbia, Canada V4B 1E5
    email address
  • [S1755] Stephen Collins, E-Mail from Stephen Collins
  • [S1756] 1871 England Census, ABBR 1881 British Census
  • [S1757] le durachd Fionnghal, E-Mail from le durachd Fionnghal
  • [S1758] Craig Ferguson, E-Mail from Craig Ferguson
  • [S1759] Marcella Turnbull Carpenter, E-Mail from Marcella Turnbull Carpenter
  • [S1760] Paul Mishura, E-Mail from Paul Mishura
  • [S1761] Hilary (Turnbull) Preston, E-Mail from Hilary (Turnbull) Preston
  • [S1762] Andrew Calvert, E-Mail from Andrew Calvert
  • [S1763] Mark Turnbull, E-Mail from Mark Turnbull
  • [S1764] Jennifer Bolton, E-Mail from Jennifer Bolton
  • [S1765] Tarmara Kernaghan, E-Mail from Tarmara Kernaghan
  • [S1766] 1851 Canada Census
  • [S1767] Old Parish Registers transcript source unknown
  • [S1768] Anthony Dwyer, E-Mail from Anthony Dwyer
  • [S1769] Donald Phillipps, E-Mail from Donald Phillipps (Rev'd)
  • [S1772] Mark Turnbull, E-Mail from Mark Robert Turnbull
  • [S1774] 1891 Scotland Census, ABBR 1881 British Census
  • [S1775] 1901 Census Scotland
  • [S1776] Newspaper, Births, Deaths, Marriages and Obituarie
  • [S1777] Biography
  • [S1778] John Yarrington, E-Mail from John Yarrington
  • [S1780] 1871 Canada Census, ABBR 1881 British Census
  • [S1781] 1901 Census, Canada
  • [S1782] 1906 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta
  • [S1784] Sally Haden, E-Mail from Sally Haden, Hello Brian,

    I have been advised by Wally that you would be the person to send some genealogical information to about a TURNBULL family? Is that correct, and can you use a GEDCOM file?

    My research for the last 4 years has been into the British glass industry, sparked by the discovery that my great grandfather from Scotland went to help the Japanese develop their first industrial glassworks in the 1870s. It turned out that 4 British glassmakers were involved in the project, the first and most important of which was a man named Thomas WALTON Jnr.

    I have been working with a Japanese colleague in Tokyo to unfold this
    Anglo-Japanese venture, concentrating on the British side of things.
    I have followed the extensive activities of the large WALTON family in order to get to grips with exactly what the British glass industry was doing in the decades leading up to 1870, and have had to delve into the glassmaking of County Durham.

    The WALTON family took over a small glassworks in a place called Haverton Hill, near Billingham (just north of modern Middlesbrough) on the north-east coast of England, which was previously managed by Thomas TURNBULL. The WALTONs later possibly became involved in a glassworks which the TURNBULL family subsequently developed to a very high level, the Cornhill Glassworks of Southwick or Bishopwearmouth in Co. Durham.

    As Wally has related on your webpage "Turnbull Virtual Museum Launched", the TURNBULL glassworks in Bishopwearmouth was a substantial one. I have yet to find out exactly when they opened it, what the history of the works was, but it may be that the WALTONs had an interest in it before the TURNBULLs and made glass there for about
    6 years before leaving the county entirely and moving to Lancashire. I need to be able to explain what Thomas WALTON was doing in Southwick between about 1859 and 1864. He was a glass manufacturer but I don't know which glassworks (there were several locally).

    After some long practice, I have a little skill now in tracking families, so I set to and discovered what I could about that immediate TURNBULL family, in the hope that I can establish what connection they had with the WALTONs. I have put what I have into a GEDCOM file, explaining the family's history as best I can in the notes attached to each individual.

    Wally said maybe you might write a bit into your newsletter? I would be pleased if you can because it may be that someone can help me further.

    I don't have time right now to write out the history of this TURNBULL family in a coherent piece. Perhaps you can pick it up from the notes in the GEDCOM, enough for your purposes?

    Later I am going to do some important fine-tuning on it, actually. I intend to check directories and also I hope, local maps or newspapers. However, until or unless I discover an important connection between the WALTONs and the TURNBULLs, I can't take too much more time over it for now.

    BTW, Bishopwearmouth, Southwick and Sunderland are now all one place.
    In the early 19th century, Bishopwearmouth had an industrial district on the south bank of the River Wear where there were several glassworks, Southwick was on the north bank and Sunderland was a town centred on the south edge of Bishopwearmouth. It is all Sunderland now.

    Haverton Hill in the 1830s/1840s was a newly constructed industrial estate just outside the village of Billingham.

    Carr Hill and Sheriff Hill were outlying districts of Gateshead on the south side of the town, and Pipewellgate was the heart of Gateshead's glassmaking on the south bank of the River Tyne. Newcastle was on the north bank of the Tyne.

    I have yet to find out the name of the glassworks which the younger TURNBULLs seem to have been operating when they were living in Byker, a part of Newcastle (1860s). When they were in Sheriff Hill, it was the Carr Hill glassworks (1850s-60s). When they were in Bishopwearmouth/Southwick/Sunderland, it was the Cornhill Glassworks (from about 1865? until the middle of the 20th century).

    I am afraid my direct interest in the TURNBULLs runs out after about 1865, the point at which they started up the Cornhill Glassworks, but they were a fascinating family as glassmaking industrialists go, and, it has to be said, much more successful than the WALTONs!

    I hope you can make some sense of all this. If you have any problems with it, or with the GEDCOM, let me know! I have formatted the GEDCOM for Windows.

    Let's hope someone finds it interesting!

    Kind regards
    Sally Haden
  • [S1785] Dave Hamilton, E-Mail from Dave Hamilton
  • [S1786] World War I Draft Registration Cards
  • [S1787] England & Wales Christening Records
  • [S1788] Letter from Joyce Marot re Family Genealogy
  • [S1789] 1830 United States Federal Census, ABBR Census
  • [S1790] U.S. Census Mortality Schedules, ABBR Census
  • [S1792] Letter from Dorothy Turnbull
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  • [S1794] 1916 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta
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  • [S1798] 1871 Ontario, Canada Census, ABBR 1881 British Census
  • [S1799] Ontario. Canada Births, 1869 - 1909
  • [S1800] Karen Huntly, E-Mail from Karen Huntly
  • [S1801] Daniel Stirling Sinclair Jr., E-Mail from Daniel Stirling Sinclair Jr., Dear Sir: I am very up set to see the INCORRECT facts about my family on your web site. My grandparents were not DIVORCED. Joseph Edward Sinclair and Lilie Stirling Sinclair were happily married until Joe Sinclair was killed in 1988 in Baton Rouge by a car while walking. Please respond and retract your statements on this site,Or I will take EXTREME LEGAL ACTION AGAINST YOU!! Sincerely, Daniel Stirling Sinclair Jr.
  • [S1803] Letter from Carolyn Ballantyne
  • [S1805] Wikipedia - Agnes Sligh Turnbull
  • [S1806] Letter Trumbull Family
  • [S1807] Mable W. Wilkins, Turnbull Family Tree by Mable W. Wilkins
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  • [S1812] Robert Lyle Trumble, Family Tree - Robert L. Trumble
  • [S1813] Family Tree - Randolph Morris Turnbull
  • [S1814] Family Tree - Mortimer Lee Turnbull
  • [S1815] Family Tree - Morris W. Turnbull
  • [S1816] Family Record - Shatto
  • [S1817] Letter from Laurene Turnbull
  • [S1818] Letter from Mary Ellen (Turnbull) Longley
  • [S1819] Letter from Helen Turnbull King
  • [S1820] Kathryn Hunt, Family Tree - Kathryn Louise Maercker Hunt
  • [S1821] Letter from Sally Turnbull Dupuis
  • [S1822] Donna Leis, Email - Turnbulls
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  • [S1824] Max Wilson, E-Mail from Max Wilson
  • [S1825] Letter from James Ross Turnbull
  • [S1827] Dexter Reid Sampson, Family Tree - Early Records of the Turnbull and Cassidy Families of East River and McCellans Brook
    , Pictou Co., N.S., With Descendants On the Miramichi, Bay of Chaleur and Magdalen Islands.
  • [S1828] Byron G. Turnbull, Family Tree - Byron Turnbull
  • [S1830] Diane Steedman, E-Mail from Diane Steedman
  • [S1831] Denise Broadbent, E-Mail from Denise Broadbent
  • [S1832] James Egbert Trumble & Gail Trumble Rogers, Trimble known as Turnbull also known as Trumble, a History of the Texas Branch of the Turnbull Clan
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  • [S1834] Samuel Parish Turnbull Sr., Family Tree - Turnbulls by Samuel Parish Turnbull, Pages 33 - 47
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  • [S1836] Bob Fahey, E-Mail from Bob Fahey
  • [S1837] Samuel Parish Turnbull Sr., Family Tree - Turnbulls by Samuel Parish Turnbull, Pages 33 - 47rec1977
  • [S1838] Carol McInnis, E-Mail from Carol McInnis
  • [S1839] Jack Turnbull, E-Mail from Jack Turnbull
  • [S1840] Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S.
  • [S1841] Amy Hanson, E-Mail from Amy Hanson
  • [S1843] Cathy Connor, E-Mail from Cathy Connor
  • [S1844] Robert Russell, E-Mail from Robert Russell
  • [S1846] Kaye Turnbull, E-Mail from Kaye Turnbull
  • [S1848] Heidi Russell, E-Mail from Heidi Russell
  • [S1849] Jann Burrows, E-Mail from Jann Burrows
  • [S1850] Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • [S1851] Lil Dillon, E-Mail from Lil Dillon
  • [S1852] Marianne Smith, E-Mail from Marianne Smith
  • [S1853] Military Records
  • [S1854] Renee Tetreault, E-Mail from Renee Tetreault
  • [S1855] Dorothy Allan, E-Mail from Dorothy Allan
  • [S1856] David Thomas Dunstan, E-Mail from David Thomas Dunstan
  • [S1857] Sheila Bone, E-Mail from Sheila Bone
  • [S1858] Alicja Ginders, E-Mail from Alicja Ginders
  • [S1859] Liz Hutchison ne "Langhorn", E-Mail from Liz Hutchison
  • [S1860] Mrs. Eileen K. Gibbs, Research Report by Eileen K. Gibbs
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  • [S1865] Gordon Grouse, Gordon Grouse, "My Grieve kin in Scotland", Canadian Genealogist (December 1982). Hereinafter cited as "My Grieve kin in Scotland".
  • [S1866] Percy Harrison, E-Mail from Percy Harrison
  • [S1867] Allan Smith, E-Mail from Allan Smith, Whilst tracing my family tree, your website came upon my search.
    In my family tree I have the following connections.

    August Carol b 1837
    August Carol Senior
    Eve Dorothy b 1848
    All these match my records


    Eve Dorothy 1848
    George 1809
    These two match my records


    I have Dorothy 1819-1855, married George Nuss
    daughter was Eve Dorothy ( above ) not an exact match to Maria Dorothy.

    Smith.( My name )

    I have not yetfound the Smiths on your web pagesthat connects to ours, but I do know that we are connected in that

    my great grand father Henry Albert Smith married Helena Mary Beuke daughter of Augustus Carol Beuke and Eve Dorothy Nuss.

    My query is how then are we connected to the Turnball Clan?. Is there some one within the clan I could contact who could assist me in this endeavor?

    Out of interest on my Mother's side, we are descendents of the McRae's of Auchtertyre Ross and Sallachy Ross, as well as the Kirkpatrick's of Co Tyrone.
    Allan Smith
  • [S1868] Peter S Johnson, E-Mail from Peter S Johnson
  • [S1869] Julian Jones, E-Mail from Julian Jones
  • [S1870] John Payne, E-Mail from John Payne
  • [S1871] Sharon Tringham, E-Mail from Sharon Tringham
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  • [S1874] Alyssa M. Anttila, E-Mail from Alyssa M. Anttila
  • [S1875] Isabelle Ashton, E-Mail from Isabelle Ashton
  • [S1876] Vivien Costello, E-Mail from Vivien Costello, I live in Ireland (Howth, Co. Dublin).I haveno connection withany Turnbull family but two of my favourite pastimes are genealogical research and reading detective novels.

    I had lent some Patricia Wentworth books to a friend when she wasill and shereally loved them. She returned them to me last week and I found myself re-reading themwith pleasure (I first discoveredthe Patricia Wentworth booksin the 1970s when some of the Miss Silver books were re-issued by Hodder Paperbacks. Many of them have recently been re-published by Hodder and are currently available).This led me to beinginterested in finding outwhat Patricia Wentworth's background had been. It was in the course of this research that I found yourwebsite and felt impelled to let you know about George Oliver Turnbull's remarkable wife.


  • [S1877] Professor Charles Jennings, E-Mail from Charles Jennings
  • [S1878] Kathryn Murray, E-Mail from Kathryn Murray
  • [S1879] Doug Hollander, E-Mail from Doug Hollander
  • [S1880] Doug Kerr, E-Mail from Doug Kerr, Hi Brian Need some help. I am desperately trying to connect my family tree to Ferniehirst Castle in Jedburgh. My uncle spoke of Ferniehirst. I wish now I had listened more when he was alive. John was my great grandfather. Do you have a birth certificate to prove he was born in 1858 Glasgow Lanarkshire somewhere on file? How do you know he was born that year? I believe John was adopted by his father and mother James & Jane.. His birth certificate would show his true parents but still his parents may have been Kerr, but not James & Jane who adopted him. Also James Dawson Kerr died as below in 1880. His gravestone in Mornington Cemetry Victoria Australia says he died at the age of 59 years which means he was born in 1829? and not 1819. However his gravestone could be wrong. Do you have a birth certificate for James Dawson Kerr so it can be checked? My wife and I are travelling to Scotland next year and it would be so exciting if I was able to continue further with the family tree and make that connection to Ferniehirst before we arrive. On the Morier side of the family which we connect directly into via Jane Morier below the family tree there under your site takes us back to Abram Morier from Switzerland. Have you any information / certificates on John Kerr or James Dawson Kerr that may assist me in proceeding further? Do you have any information / certificates for james dawson Kerrs father William Kerr & spouse Elizabeth Dawson? I can assist you with the extension of the Kerr family tree via Rudolph Morier Kerr, Geoffrey Kerr (living), myself Douglas Kerr, and my sons Evan & Adam Kerr. PS - I have attached the work I have completed on the family tree and other attachments for interest, but can assist with other family members in Australia. I am keen however to trace the Kerr tree back further. Thanks Doug Kerr home_brokersnational @ bigpond.com Melbourne Australia
  • [S1881] Marilen Hamilton, E-Mail from Marilen Hamilton
  • [S1882] Bob Brook, E-Mail from Bob Brook
  • [S1883] Rebecca Morzik, E-Mail from Rebecca Morzik
  • [S1884] Amanda Dynes, E-Mail from Amanda Dynes
  • [S1885] Manfred Fuchs, E-Mail from Manfred Fuchs
  • [S1886] Ernest Bywater, E-Mail from Ernest Bywater
  • [S1887] Michael V. Bassett, E-Mail from Michael V. Bassett
  • [S1888] Heather Brodie, E-Mail from Heather Brodie
  • [S1889] Neil Boyden Tanner, E-Mail from Neil Boyden Tanner
  • [S1890] Peter Reed, E-Mail from Peter Reed
  • [S1891] John Anderson Payne, E-Mail from John Anderson Payne
  • [S1892] Robbie McLachlan, E-Mail from Robbie McLachlan
  • [S1894] Veronica Elton, E-Mail from Veronica Elton
  • [S1895] Valerie Sundquist, E-Mail from Valerie Sundquist
  • [S1896] Philip Glasscock, E-Mail from Philip Glasscock
  • [S1897] Sarah Yingling, E-Mail from Sarah Yingling
  • [S1899] Fran Wynne, E-Mail from Fran Wynne
  • [S1900] Vern Turnbull, E-Mail from Vern Turnbull
  • [S1901] Monaro Pioneers - Wellsmore
  • [S1902] Gaye Gibbs, E-Mail from Gaye Gibbs
  • [S1903] Peter Doughty, E-Mail from Peter Doughty
  • [S1904] David Bird, E-Mail from David Bird
  • [S1905] James Woods, E-Mail from James Woods
  • [S1906] Morna Kenworthy, Research: Adeline Mary Burman
  • [S1907] Letter from Morna Kenworthy
  • [S1908] Paul Alexander Laval, E-Mail from Paul Alexander Laval
  • [S1909] Kent McMahan, E-Mail from Kent McMahan
  • [S1910] U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles
  • [S1911] Ben Buck Finch, E-Mail from Ben Buck Finch
  • [S1912] Waneta D. Turner, E-Mail from Waneta D. Turner
  • [S1913] Lori Morris, E-Mail from Lori Morris
  • [S1915] Judith Alexander, E-Mail from Judith Alexander
  • [S1916] Jim Bowden, E-Mail from Jim Bowden
  • [S1917] Bob Kennedy, E-Mail from Bob Kennedy
  • [S1918] Joan MacDonald, E-Mail from Joan MacDonald
  • [S1919] Murray Frazer, E-Mail from Murray Frazer
  • [S1920] Tony Black, E-Mail from Tony Black
  • [S1921] Jeanette Haydock, E-Mail from Jeanette Haydock
  • [S1922] Facebook - Turnbull Clan Group
  • [S1923] Kathy Wilson, E-Mail from Kathy Wilson
  • [S1924] Rex Pitkethley, E-Mail - Rex Pitkethley
  • [S1925] Jessica Johnson, E-Mail from Jessica Johnson
  • [S1926] Janet Turnbull Schwierking, TCA Genealogist Janet Turnbull Schwierking
  • [S1927] Michael Ford, E-Mail from Michael Ford, hello - I'd like to point out an error on your website (if you don't mind) http://www.turnbullclan.com/tca_genealogy/tca_all2-o/p261.htm#i53687 You have the wrong Ann McCallum who married Malcolm Seton/Sheddon 1848 Ann was bap 29 Dec 1823 Kilfinichen (Iona was part of this parish at the time) Her parents are John McCallum/FloraMcNeil Another site has Ann's death 15 Nov 1890 Creich, Iona, Kilfinichen, but her mother is incorrectly shown as Sarah (Marion) McNeil. GROS have her brother Peter's mother as Margaret McNeil. Malcolm and Ann's first child Flora named after her mother, and Euphemia after her sister Michael (researching Isle of Mull connections)
  • [S1928] Sally Dash, E-Mail from Sally Dash
  • [S1929] Jennifer Burgess, E-Mail from Jennifer Burgess
  • [S1931] Kevin Joynt, E-Mail from Kevin Joynt
  • [S1932] Michael Rumpff, E-Mail from Michael Rumpff
  • [S1933] Bernardo Turnbull, E-Mail from Bernardo Turnbull, I am Bernardo Turnbull, the fourth son of Walter Turnbull Marín (B México City, April 16th, 1927; D June 13th, 1986). Two of Margarita Turnbull's children, Kary and Federico, died during infancy. The remaining four are alive. The rest of my generation are alive.
  • [S1934] William Ross, E-Mail from William Ross
  • [S1935] Phillip Frazer, E-Mail from Phillip Frazer
  • [S1936] The Encyclopedia of Cleveland Histor
  • [S1937] Jean McKay, E-Mail from Jean McKay
  • [S1938] Karen Gardiner, E-Mail from Karen Gardiner
  • [S1939] Amanda Edwards, E-Mail from Amanda Edwards
  • [S1940] Carol Edds, E-Mail from Carol Edds
  • [S1941] Monumental Inscription
  • [S1942] Kirsty Preston, E-Mail from Kirsty Preston
  • [S1944] Brenda J. (Trumble) Willey, E-Mail from Brenda J. (Trumble) Willey
  • [S1945] Gail Turnbull-Bell, E-Mail from Gail Turnbull-Bell
  • [S1946] Marriages for People with Known Connections to Fremont County, Iowa
  • [S1947] Phil Carter, E-Mail from Phil Carter
  • [S1948] Bob Hinze, E-Mail from Bob Hinze
  • [S1949] Ron Parker, E-Mail from Ron Parker
  • [S1950] Jan Presdee nee Evans, E-Mail from Jan Presdee
  • [S1951] Peter Baker, E-Mail from Peter Baker
  • [S1952] Fiona Turnbull, E-Mail from Fiona Turnbull
  • [S1953] Allan J, MacRae, Allan J, MacRae, "William Turnbull and the Brink of War", Ph. D. thesis, 'William Duncan Turnbull and the Chilean-American Controversy, 1891- 1892" (University of California, 1984). (1984). Hereinafter cited as "William Turnbull and the Brink of War".
  • [S1954] Lesley Albertson, E-Mail from Lesley Albertson
  • [S1955] Jenny Signal, E-Mail from Jenny Signal
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  • [S1962] Patrica O'Brien, E-Mail from Patrica O'Brien
  • [S1963] Russ Lawrance, E-Mail from Russ Lawrance
  • [S1964] Donna Turnbull Richard, E-Mail from Donna Turnbull Richard
  • [S1965] Sylvia Shanahan, E-Mail from Sylvia Shanahan
  • [S1966] Letter from Arthur Milne Evans to Brian Turnbull
  • [S1967] Thomas Smail, E-Mail from Thomas Smail
  • [S1968] Wayne Weighill, E-Mail from Wayne Weighill
  • [S1969] Duane Nickull, E-Mail from Duane Nickull
  • [S1970] Perry Cleland, E-Mail fom Perry Cleland
  • [S1971] Judy Richards, E-Mail from Judy Richards
  • [S1972] Melissa Maddocks, E-Mail from Melissa Maddocks
  • [S1973] 1841 England Census
  • [S1974] Lyn Robinson, E-Mail from Lyn Robinson
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  • [S1982] Deborah Hartley, E-Mail from Deborah Hartley
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  • [S1985] Fay Farmer, E-Mail from Fay Farmer
  • [S1986] Micheal Williamson, E-Mail from Mike Williamson
  • [S1987] Barbara Cullen, E-Mail from Barbara Cullen
  • [S1988] Phil Wilson, E-Mail from Phil Wilson
  • [S1989] The British Empire, Aden - Sir Richard Gordon Turnbull
  • [S1990] Elsie Ritchie, E-Mail from Elsie Ritchie
  • [S1991] Margaret Turnbull Donaldson, E-Mail from Margaret Turnbull Donaldson
  • [S1992] Geoff Davis, E-Mail from Geoff Davis
  • [S1994] David Stone, E-Mail from David Stone
  • [S1995] Newsletter Clan Turnbull Ebenezer VOL 4...No 1 March/April 2013
  • [S1996] Robert Shield, E-Mail from Robert Shield
  • [S1997] Jan Tivey, E-Mail from Jan Tivey
  • [S1998] Helen Davis (Harding), E-Mail from Helen Davis (Harding)
  • [S1999] Family History - Adele Turnbull Jeffras
  • [S2000] Crystal Fisher, E-Mail from Crystal Fisher