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  • [S589] Jan Hall, E-mail from Jan Hall, Enclosed is a spreadsheet (which I'm hoping you can follow) which contains amendments to what is currently appearing on your database for the family of James and Isabella Ord. I also received an email from Dawn Day indicating that you had contacted her regarding the family of William Turnbull (son of James and Isabella Ord) and Mary McCalman.
    There is nothing on the database for there family that I could locate, however they are in the GEDCOM file which I forwarded to you last year however as I have updated my program since with some additional information for the whole family of James and Isabella do you want me to forward a GEDCOM file for the whole family or just for William Turnbull and Mary McCalman.
    Jan Hall
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  • [S611] Annette Pobiega, E-mail from Annette Pobiega, On looking on your database this entry is incorrect...Norman Bowd is my father, I am Annette Pobiega (nee Bowd)...could you please amend the details as follows - Norman Bowd b. 26 Oct 1946 d. 29 Jun 1981 - should read d. 25 January 2005 RECEIVED May 29, 2005 Elizabeth Anne Pobiega B: 26 January 1982 Leanne Maree Pobiega B: 27 May 1984 Kathryn Louise Pobiega B: 10 September 1986 Christopher John Pobiega B: 1 October 1988
  • [S612] L Blythe, E-mail from L Blythe
  • [S613] Tom Langlands, E-mail from Tom Langlands, Dear Brian,
    I got your info on the Turnbull Clan website.
    Do you have any info on Francis McNab Turnbull who married Lois Guthrie Petrie (B 15 june 1870) on (m 30 Aug 1898) in Dundee, Scotland.
    They had at least one son named Frank Guthrie Turnbull (b 10 April 1901 in Edinburgh). He in turn married Christina Cuthbert Mann (b 10 Nov 1900) on 20 April 1927 in the Parish of Persie, Perth, Scotland. It is actually their descendants that I am trying to trace. I know this is a long shot but any help would be appreciated
    many thanks
    Tom Langlands
  • [S614] Julie Moriarty, E-Mail from Julie Moriarty, Please note Cornelius Cronin was born May 1874 Cork, Ireland and died 19 November, 1946 at Enmore NSW. His parents were Maurice Cronin and Bridget Chambers.

    Hilda May Turnbull was born 1885 married Quirico Lusso in 1930 Sydney NSW. Hilda died in 1961Sydney. Quirico was the son of Caterina, no information for father. Quirico died June, 1947 Sydney. No Issue from this marriage.

    Issue for Cornelius Cronin and Ethel Maud Turnbull are:-

    Marguerite b. 1912 d. June, 1977 Sydney
    Cornelius Leonard b. 1915 d. Nov, 2000 Sydney
    Hilda Josephine b. 1917 d. 2002 Sydney
    Maurice Allan b. 1920 d. 1991 Sydney
    Marcus David. b. 1924 d. 1974 Sydney
    John b. 1926 LIVING

    If you would like further information I can be contacted through this email addresss.

    kind regards,

    Julie Moriarty (nee Cronin)
  • [S616] Bett Burr, E-Mail from Bett Burr, Hello Brian
    Oh gosh , I thought I was on to something when I went on to the Turnbull Clan website.
    I have the death certificate of my Great grandfather Robert McGregor Turnbull. He died in Napier NZ 6 October 1933. at the age of 91. He lived in NZ for 73 years. He was born in Glasgow . His father was Gregor McGregorTurnbull & Mother was Christina Mapp.
    Gregor's Profession or Occupation was Merchant. I know that he was in Trinidad and that is where Robert McGregor Turnbull left from for NZ. He arrived in NZ at the age of 21 then obviously went back to England at some stage as that is where he married in April 1884 to Annie Louisa Sweet.
    I will have a chat with my uncle & try & glean some more information.
    I have been using the Scottish website , but have not been able to find a birth, marriage or death information on Gregor.
    I think I need to go to a genealogy group to get some help. This is all very new to me.
    I will keep in touch.
    This family genealogy is on my Mothers side.
    I would like to speak to my uncle before you post the info on the web site.
    There are 5 siblings in my Mothers side & they are all still alive & very with it. My Mum is the oldest (90 in 3 weeks and has just got her drivers license again) and the youngest 80. There was an older one but he was killed in the war 1943.
    Thank you for your reply
    Bett Burr
    email address
    P O Box 8726
    Havelock North
    Phone 06-877-1433
    Mobile 021-549-028
  • [S617] Di Clanchy, E-Mail from Di Clanchy
  • [S618] Dianne Barton, E-Mail from Dianne Barton, Hi
    My great grandfather is the unknown Roughead named below. He was George Francis Roughead 1860-1930. Wed 1889 to Annie Eliza Johnson. He died at Leongatha in Victoria.
    I hope this is of use to you. Your website certainly was helpful to me.
    Kind regards
    Dianne Barton
    Ann Eliza Johnson1 (F)
    b. circa 1865, d. circa 1934, #34103
    Pop-up Pedigree
    Ann Eliza Johnson was also known as Roughead.1 She married Unknown Roughead.1 Ann Eliza Johnson was born circa 1865 at VIC, Australia.2 She was the daughter of William Turnbull Johnson and Harriet Ann Wilson.2,1 Ann Eliza Johnson died circa 1934 at VIC, Australia.1
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  • [S649] Ian Worthington, E-Mail from Ian Worthington
  • [S651] Russell Jorgensen, E-Mail from Russell Jorgensen, Brian, Further to your emails. The Marebesi name should be Marchesi. The Marchesi Family comes from Tinamba via Maffra. As far as the Jorgensen's. My records show Florrance as Florence. Also like to confirm Flo's and Frederick John's (Jack) wedding date. I have them being married on 24 June 1949. That was the date I was given. Russell ----- Original Message ----- From: email address To: 'J.R. (Russell) Jorgensen' Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 9:37 PM Subject: RE: Turnbull Clan Genealogy (p379.htm) Thanks Russell I made the change to the master file and will upload with the new batch in a few days. I am not experiencing any problems with the current net version perhaps it is just net conditions when you were last on. If the problem persists please advise, Regards, Brian Reply to: email address Telephone: 450-533-4914 -----Original Message----- From: J.R. (Russell) Jorgensen [mailto:email address] Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 4:16 AM To: email address Subject: Turnbull Clan Genealogy (p379.htm) Errors occur in some of your names etc. Re Jorgensen entries. Sandra Kaye Jorgensen married Eric HERBST, not as listed. Last I heard they were divorced. Russell
  • [S652] Alan Cole, E-Mail from Alan Cole, Dear Sirs,
    My name is Allan Cole. I am descended from Matilda Sherack's
    older sister Madeline Mary Ester Sherack who married Livingstone
    Mitchell Kershler.
    I looked at your webpage in passing through the results of a
    MSN search and noted what appear to me to be errors. You mention
    in the Turnbull Genealogy Collection Person Page 335
    that Matilda Sherack married Charles Ernest New in Campbelltown
    NSW and that they had one child Joseph New.I agree although
    Matilda Sherack was Catherine (Kate) Matilda Sherack (NSW BDM 1873 8967).
    However I disagree about her parents who were
    Franz Joseph Sebastian Sherack (Scharhag)
    and Anna Maria Herborn. A Thomas Sherack was her brother
    though I do not have him married to an Eliza Jane.
    I hope you do not mind my pointing out these apparent
    errors and would appreciate any information you may be able to
    provide that relate to the Sherack family.
    At present I do not actively pursue the family history.
    Yours sincerely
    Allan Cole
  • [S655] Geraldine Walsh, E-Mail from Geraldine Walsh, Dear Brian Turnbull,
    Thank you for the most informative Australian genealogy web site.
    Through the wonderful name - Oliver Thistle Turnbull - I found you and found that I'm related through the Lawlers and the Williams - two sides of my family - paternal and maternal rspectively.
    By the way Elizabeth (Steele) Williams's father was John Williams and her mother Elizabeth Hughes. Elizabeth Williams's father was Hugh Hughes and her mother Bridget McCarthy both living in Denbighshire.
    Four of the Hughes' daughters, along with their husbands, migrated and helped populate NSW with considerable numbers.
    John Lawler and Esther Hoey (many spellings) were the antecedents of Peter Ambrose Lawler. John Lawler was my g-g-grandfather Edward's cousin. Two brothers, John and Peter came out after Edward and his wife Margaret arrived in 1838. I've been researching the Lawlers and the Hughes' descendants for about twelve years.
    Thank you again for your work and the easy-to-read web page.
    Geraldine Walsh (nee Lawler)
    PS Please keep it on the web - it's invaluable to family historians. Remember we're a small country and everyone seems to be related.
  • [S656] Glynn Trimble, E-Mail from Glynn Trimble, Hi Brian I have attached an abridged version - abridged because I have simply concentrated my energies on my paternal line. It is very easy, as I have discovered, to digress and hence loose focus. I should add, although I have the full family tree (each family of the Trimbles (except for my generation) had around 10 to 13 children each) with well over 100 direct members, I have yet to compile sufficient documentary evidence that will satisfy my objectives. Even with what I have attached here I have not made mention that, for example William John (3) emigrated to Oz with his father Henry in 1878 two years after Henry’s father died. From what I have read on the various internet sites on family trees for my family, most of the data therein contained is absolute bullshit! - clearly, not based on evidentiary and certified formal documents further supported by photographic evidence. Except for (1) William’s birth certificate and (2) Henry’s birth certificate all other data is factual. I would appreciate very much knowing how you may see my data linking in to yours. A bit of a problem I fear given the turmoil of the time (mid 1600’s thru late 1700’s). Moreover, although I have copies of various documents e.g. the Brooke Deeds (Fermanagh) thus: D998/26/285 : 15 Apr. 1811 Lease from Henry Brooke, Colebrooke, Co. Fermanagh, to Owen Kirwan, Carrickpolin, Co. Fermanagh, of 14a. 1r. 20p. of Carrickpolin, Co. Fermanagh, reserving 2a. 2r. 10p. of bog, for the lives of John Kirwan, Wm Trimble and James McElroy: (1) Rent £10 16s. 101/2d.; (2) Twenty days work of man and horse and twenty fat hens or two shillings in lieu of each days work and fourpence in lieu of each hen; (3) Corn, etc, to be ground at mill of Henry Brooke, payment for not doing so £5; and, (4) Reserves right to make a road. and Freeholders/Flaxgrowers lists, I remain unsatisfied as to an authoritative link. My line of attack at the moment is to ‘jump’ back further to the 1630 Muster Rolls and work forward to c. 1750. Anyway, enough of that – I trust that it may be of some interest. By the way, I use Family Tree Maker Ver. 11 as my database. Kind regards Cheers from downunder. Glynn Trimble
  • [S657] Phil Landon, E-Mail from Phil Landon, My mother Kathleen Grace Landon (nee Morgan) is the Granddaughter of Samuel Richard Morgan in your files. She is now 94 and remembers several of the people mentioned - including the Maulsburys. Person '(?) Iva (F) #22753' is her mother - Iva Mary Morgan (nee Birdsall). If there is any information that you think that she may be able to help with please e-mail me.
    Phil Landon

    Dear Brian,
    Here are the details:
    Kathleen Morgan - born 11 July 1911 - Husband - Arthur William Warren Landon 24 Aug 1909 - 1991 (M 24 April 1937)
    Richard Arthur Landon - b 11 Feb 1945
    Philip John Landon - b 5 Jan 1948
    Kathleen's Parents - Arthur John Morgan b 1885 d. 1942 - Iva Mary Birdsall b 1880 d. 1963 (m. 1909)
    Arthur John's Parents Samuel Richard Morgan & Catherine Durack
    Phil Landon
  • [S658] Kate Press, E-Mail from Kate Press, I found my name on your web site and see we have a connectin by the
    Turnbull family.

    My g.g.grandmothe was Margaret Murray Baird born at Euchanbridge,
    Scotland. She emigrated to Australia and lived at
    Willowgrove/Tanjl/Moe. Nearby lived a Turnbull/Hunteror cousin at
    Trafalgar. As yet I haven't found the exact connection to this
    family but according to my mother they are related.

    I would love to share research

    Kate nee Shine Press,

    I'm researching both sides of the border of Emgland and Scotland William Irvine (gardener) b. 1770 Fetteresso, Kincardine, Scotland
    and his wife, Agnes Thompson b. 1778 Kerrimuir, Forfarshire, Scotland
    married c1805-7 at ?.
    Their first child, Mary Ann, was born c1801 in the Parish of
    Netherwitton Northumberland. William (a gardener) was employed by the
    Earl of Swinburne at Capheaton Hall, Capheaton (Parish of
    Kirkwhelpington), Northumberland in about 1805.
    The following children were born at Capheaton, NBL. John b. c1806,
    George b. c1808, William b. c1809, Eleanor b. c1810, Charles b. 1812,
    Robert b. 1814, Elizabeth 1815, Emily b. c1817, James b. 1819 - all
    christened in the Parish of Kirkwhelpington NBL). Later the family
    moved to Bon Church on the Isle of Wight.

    George Irvine b. 1808, son of William Irvine and Agnes Thompson,
    married Isabella Rogerson 5 Sep.1840. Isabella Rogerson (dau of
    Thomas Rogerson) waS born in 1814 at. Wooler, NBL William and
    Isabella had children William b. 1841 (married Jane Cripps), Thomas
    b. 1843 (married Margaret Baird), John b. 1844 , Agnes b. 1846
    (married John Jolliffe) Isabella b. 1848 (married George Wood), Mary
    Jane b. 1850 (married Uriah Sadler). Thomas, Iasabella and
    Mary Jane emigrated to Victoria, Australia.

    Thomas MaCrone b. c1750 Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire, Scotland married
    Janet Tait, b. c1750 Sanquhar, Dmfs Scotland.
    Their son James MaCrone, born c1780 at Sanquhar, Dmfs. married Janet
    Turnbull, born 14 Aug 1783 at Sanquhar Dmfs. Janet Turnbull was the
    dau of Alexander Turnbull b. c1750 Sanquhar and Janet Laurie b. c1750 Sanquhar. Children of James Macrone and Janet Tait were, Susan Macrone b. 7 Jan
    1812, John Macrone 12 Mar 1803, Janet Macrone b. 31 Mar 1804 and bpt.
    1 April 1804.

    James Baird b. 1785 in the parish of Sanquhar, Dunfriesshire
    Scotland, was the son of John Baird b. c1755 and Margaret Black of
    Glengenning or Glengenny, of Sanquhar, DFS Scotland. James married
    Janet Macrone (b. 1804 Sanquhar) in 1829 and lived at Euchanbridge,
    Sanquhar, DFS. Scotland.
    Issue: Jessie b. 1829-30 Isobel b. 1830, John b. 1832, Maria b.
    1834, Margaret b. 1836, Susan b. 1838, James b. 1843, Andrew b. 1845,
    and George b. 1848.

    Isobel b. 1830 m. William Brodie
    John b. 1832 emigrated to Victoria, Australia and married Susan
    Ingoe, no issue.
    Maria b. 1834 emigrated to Melbourne, Victoria, Austalia and married John Flin. Margaret b. 1836 emigrated to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and
    married Thomas Irvine;
    Susan b. 1838 emigrated to Canada and married Thomas Scott. James b. 1843 married (1) Jessie McKenzie (2) Agnes Hyslop (3) Loretta Pettit Andrew b. 1845 married Mararet Rowat George b. 1848 married M. Hill


    Edward Austin b. c1820, son of Thomas Austin and (unknown spouse)
    arrived Melbourne, Victoria Australia in 1857. Travelling with
    Edward was John Austin b. c1840. The exact relationship between the
    two males is not verified but they are thought to have been father
    and son. Before emigrating Edward was a farmer in the townland of
    Grangeclare West, Parish of Kilmeague, Co. Kildare. Ireland. The
    family were Protestant, well educated and could read and write.
  • [S660] Lee Turner, E-Mail from Lee Turner, Thanks Brian.

    A few tidbits, not based so much on my research as that of others:

    Vines Edmund Turnbull (#39126) supposedly married Mrs. Carrie Lee HOBBS Doig (as compared with "Daig")

    "Source" http://www.doig.net/JOHN1776.html

    I've seen two sources showing his middle name as "Edmund," which troubles me a little as he had an uncle named Vines Edmunds (with an "s") Turner. (EDMUNDS being a surname.) I've left my record as Vines Edmund[s] Turnbull. (I know of at least one record where the "s" was omitted from his uncle's name.)

    To the extent that you include any info on in-laws:

    Juliet Turner (#38972) was the daughter of Archibald Adams Turner and Mary
    Ann HOWZE Turner of Franklin/Granville Co., NC. (I can prove that to
    anyone interested, so feel free to list me as the source.) Mary Ann Howze
    Turner is buried with Juliet in Monticello, FL. Archibald is buried in
    Franklin Co, NC.

    You might add a few dates by checking out cemetery Lot #59 at http://www.cityofmonticello.us/roseland.html

    (There are several other Turnbulls buried in that cemetery, so you might find more dates for those Turnbulls as well.)

    It would appear from the cemetery records that Juliet Turner Turnbull had at least one more son, John E. Turnbulll, Jr., who is not listed on your file.

    I really appreciate your responding to me. To the extent that you happen to run across anyone researching my relatives, I certainly would appreciate a reference.

    Lee Turner
    6434 McClellan Rd.
    Mechanicsville, VA 23111
    (804) 781-0132
  • [S663] Mark Percy, E-Mail from Mark Percy, I have come across your web site that includes some members of the Percy family. I would like to provide you with some information to fill in a few gaps in the information contained in the web site from my own research.

    M, #25924 Alfred Norster Percy b 14.4.1871 New Caledonia d 20.11.1965 at Ballina. In adition to the children listed, add Alfred Jack Percy (2nd of threee children)

    F#25931 Dorathy May Percy. Her husband, Ronald Wotherspoon, was born in 1913 ans died in 2003.

    F#12298 Maud Mary Percy b 31.10.1867 in New Caledonia d 1918. Husband George Skyes must be deceased (he would be abt 150). Children :Percy Wentworth Sykes b 1896 at Wilcannia d 1988 at Wahroonga (m Ella Mary Shade b 1895 at Balmain, d 1977 at Wahroonga), Albert Ferrier Sykes b 1898 d Unknown (m Jessie Enid Maria Leonard b 1893 at Hay d Unknown), Ivy Maud Darling Sykes b 1905 Wicannia d 1983 at Chatswood (m Percival W Rudd b Unknown d 1983).

    M #25926 Theodore Percy b 1838 at Walton Somerset England, d 1926 at Coraki NSW. Married in 1863 in Sydney, Anne White Norster b 1836 Portland England d 1921 at Coraki NSW. Children: Francis Henry Percy b 1865 d 1956 Sydney, Maud Mary Percy (see above), George Theodore Percy b 1869 in New Caledonia d circ 1958 at Mallangadee NSW, Albert Norster Percy (see above), Walter Cameron Percy b 1874 in New Caledonia d 1954 at Ashfield NSW, Catherine Isaballa Percy b 1876 d Unknown, Eugenie Annette J Percy b 1881 at Lismore d Unknown.

    I hope that the above may be of interest.


    Mark Percy
  • [S665] Madeleine, E-Mail from Madeleine Wardman, DESCENDANTS OF George Long ANDERSON and Lydia Louisa* MITCHELL NB* Spelling of Louise is supposed to be Louisa (source BDM.Vic) 1. RUBY JANE ANDERSON b. 1906 Vic., d. 2004 (Frankston Victoria) Married: 1. Charles Stanley Kidman 1921* Children ? NB* This was news to us, even her daughter Pam didn’t know about this, and I have been unable to find any evidence of children from this marriage so far. 2. Guy Hendy Mason Wells 1937 (dead) (source BDM.Vic) Children: Pamela b.1938 (living) Married Anthony Heawood approx. mid 60’s 4 Children: Gregory b.1967? Adrien b. 1970? Trevor b. 1971? Vanessa b. 1976 Lorraine b. 1940? (living) Married Graham Chalmers late 60’s 2 Children: Karen Spencer 2. GEORGE ANDERSON b.1909 d. (1960’s)? (son of George Long Anderson and Lydia Louisa Mitchell) George married Nell? In Victoria approx 1930 (both now decd.) 3 Children: Barry, Elaine and Norma all born in 30’s (living) 3. LAURENCE EDWIN ANDERSON b. 1910 d.1997 (son of George Long Anderson and Lydia Louisa Mitchell) Laurence Edwin Anderson Married: 1. Mary Emma Harris in Sydney NSW in 1943 (source BDM.NSW) (daughter of George Harris and Ruth ?) Mary died in 1944 in Sydney NSW Aust. (source BDM.NSW) 2. Jean Stirling in 1944 in Victoria? (daughter of Robert Stirling and Annie Johnstone from Scotland) Jean (Born 1915 Sydney NSW, Died in 2005 at Coffs Harbour NSW) Children of Laurence Edwin Anderson and Jean Stirling: 1. Madeleine Louise Anderson Born 24/11/1945 Sydney NSW Australia Married 1969 to Peter John Wardman, Wahroonga NSW 4 Children of Madeleine and Peter Wardman: 1. Daniel Lindsay Wardman b. 1971 2. Kim Marie Wardman b. 1973 3. William John Wardman b. 1977 4. Samantha Louise Wardman b. 1981 2. Keith Laurence Anderson born 21/3/1948 Sydney NSW Australia Unmarried. No Children.
  • [S668] Chrishall original registers
  • [S672] Bryan Hall, Bryan Hall, online www.users.bigpond.com/fataussie, Bryan Hall (Barham, NSW, Australia).
  • [S673] Marilyn Wood, E-Mail from Marilyn Wood, Hi Brian Came across your site today. I am interest in your entry for Alice Turnbull (nee Armstrong) F #2912. I am a descendant of her sister, Margaret. One initial correction is her parents were Ebenezer Armstrong and Margaret McCurley (not McKearns). I am in the progress of obtaining Alice's death certificate and when I have that I will e-mail the details of what I have on Alice and Robert Turnbull. Do you know if anyone is researching this branch of the Turnbulls and if anyone have any photos of Alice and Robert? With Thanks Marilyn Wood Hi Brian, Below are some details from my records for Alice Turnbull (nee Armstrong). I’ll will try and scan the actual transcripts for you but I’ll have to wait until my daughter or hubby can help me. Alice’s parents were Ebenezer Armstrong (born 26 June 1836, Glasgow, Scotland – died 3 January 1917, Newtown, NSW) and Margaret McCurley (born circa 1842 Molonglo, NSW – died 19 April 1931, Mortdale, NSW). Children: Anastasia, Elizabeth, Margaret, Alice, James, Mary Ann, Henry, William, George and Edmund. I have most of Alice’s siblings’ bdm dates if you are interested and information on Alice’s grandparents. With Thanks Marilyn Wood FAMILY OF EBENZER ARMSTRONG AND MARGARET McCURLEY 4. ALICE ARMSTRONG B: 26 December 1871, Braidwood, NSW D: 19 August 1961, Belmont, NSW MARRIED 4 Sept 1895, ST Peters, NSW Robert TURNBULL B: circa 1867, Dapto, NSW D: 9 February 1925 at Maryville, NSW ISSUE: Beatrice Alice May Turnbull (b & d 1897), Maggie P. Turnbull (b & d 900), Robert Bruce Turnbull (b 1902 – d 19/5/1981), Enid Glen Turnbull (b circa 1909 - married John Young – circa 1930). NOTES: At the time of her marriage, Alice gave her occupation as a dressmaker, residing at 104 Moorehead Street, Redfern, NSW. While Robert was a sexton living in Brown Street, St. Peters, NSW. Note that Alice’s mother has been incorrectly transcribed as Margaret McKearn instead of Margaret McCurley. At the time of Robert’s death in 1925, the family were residing at 1 Park Road, Maryville, Wickham Municipality. Robert was a gravedigger and was buried in the Presbyterian Section of Rookwood Cemetery. In 1961, Alice was residing with her daughter, Enid Young at 56 Macquarie Street, Belmont, NSW. Alice was cremated at Beresfield Crematorium SOURCES: NSW BDM transcripts, www.turnbullclan.com/tca
  • [S674] Elizabeth Davies, E-Mail from Elizabeth Davies, Hello Brian,
    Thanks for the chance to view this site. I am compiling a One Name Study of the LOCKING family, and have the Lockings in your data in my distant family.
    I write to correct a couple of omissions and a small error in your data.
    The marriage of Lucinda Ann Turnbull and Herbert Kirkham Locking is as you suggest, which makes "their" first two sons actually hers only.
    George Edward Locking was registered West Maitland NSW as George E TURNBULL, son of Lucinda, with no father named, born 31 Mar 1888. He died in France during WW1 on 24 Nov 1917. He is mentioned by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as George E BROWN, and there is correspondence to show that this "Brown" was otherwise known as George Edward LOCKING.
    "Arthur William Locking" was registered 1894 East Maitland NSW as Herbert A TURNBULL, son of Lucinda.
    He married 1914 Vida CLOUGH (1897-1942) dau of Matthew Michael Clough and Sarah Shoesmith 1914 in Newcastle NSW as "Arthur Locking", minus the Herbert. He died in 1943 in Newcastle, and was registered at death as "Arthur William Locking". I believe he was registered by his eldest son, who was the Arthur William LOCKING (1914-1992) who married Doris Christofferson in 1942.
    I hope this is clear! Please get back to me if you want any further details or explanation.
    Cheers, and thanks again for the TURNBULL info, which I will incorporate in my data,
    Liz Davies
  • [S675] Jill Roder (nee Denley), E-Mail from Jill Roder, Hi Brian
    I read with interest your Turnbull genealogy site which included the Goldspink Family. I am a direct descendant of Jonathan and Margaret (nee Reid) Goldspink. Jonathan, my Great Great Grandfather was a convict who was born in Pulham Norfolk England in 1807. His son Samuel was my Great Grandfather. If you require any info I can forward it to you. I have back to 1700 William Goldspink.
    Jill Roder (nee Denley)
  • [S679] Cara Cox, Cara Cox, FTM File, Feb 2005, Australia..
  • [S682] Leonie Tuit, E-Mail from Leonie Tuit, I have just been on your website for the Turnbull Clan – what an incredible amount of work has gone into this genealogy. You and your collaborators must be congratulated.

    I was wondering as to whether you would be able to alter one of the names of your Hymus people please. Sidney Frederick Hymus was my great grandfather and he married Margaret Turnbull. Would you please be able to alter his second Christian name from Frear to Frederick. This would be greatly appreciated.

    With kind thanks

    Leonie Tuit
    Perth, Western Australia
    Searching for:-

    Thanks for getting back to me. If you are able to add the following on Sidney Frederick Hymus and Margaret Turnbull to your family history that would be great :-))I have set out below the dates and places of birth, death and marriage of the children of Sidney Frederick Hymus and Margaret Turnbull married 17th February, 1892 in Victoria, Australia.

    Sidney died 24th December, 1944 in Harvey, Western Australia and Margaret (Maggie) died in Mount Magnet in 1922.

    Beryl Kyle Lavin Hymus was born 23rd May, 1893 in Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia and died 23rd July, 1936 in Harvey, Western Australia.

    Three (3) stillborn children (2 male 1 female) were born in 1898 in Geraldton, Western Australia.

    Jeannie Elizabeth (My maternal grandmother) was born 3rd June, 1900 at a sheep station “White Peaks” near Northampton, Western Australia and she was struck by lightening (and died) while mustering in cattle on 29th December, 1931 on her sheep station “Narndee” some 100 miles out of Mount Magnet, Western Australia.

    Margaret Isobel Edith was born 23rd October, 1903 at “White Peaks” near Northhampton, Western Australia and died sometime in the 1980’s in Harvey, Western Australia.

    Thanks again for taking interest in this bit of the family.

    Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  • [S683] BMD England & Wales
  • [S684] Family History Work Sheet, ABBR Int'l Genealogical Index
  • [S685] Maurice Keith French, E-Mail from Maurice Keith French, Hello Brian

    I have an addition to your information for a Janet TURNBULL # 2881 who married James OLIVER in 1811.

    I have recently obtained a copy of a letter dated 9th September 1869 by Mary Ann a daughter of Janet and James.

    It states in part:

    " Mother is just a wonder to every one that see her she is so cliver and strong for her day she is now four score years last sabath and she will "

    By my calculations this information indicates that Janet was born on Sunday the 6th of September 1789

    I hope this information is of some interest


    Maurice Keith French
    Flagstaff Hamilton
    New Zealand
  • [S686] Tricia Turnbull, E-Mail from Tricia Turnbull, Hi Brian
    I just came across your "Turnbull Clan" site and thought you might be interested in corresponding because of the following relationship.
    #33409 - George Frederick Turnbull dob 6.06.1885. married Lillian Mary White from Howard.
    They had Ronald George Turnbull, Alice Turnbull and Donald Turnbull born in Maryborough.
    Ronald married Marjorie Hender who then had Garth, Elaine, Karen and Gary Turnbull whom I am married too.
    Kindly reply and we may be able to help each other out.
    Kind regards
    Tricia Turnbull
  • [S687] South Australian Biographical Notes from LaTrobe Library Melbourne
  • [S689] Brian Patrick Grimstrup, E-Mail from Brian Patrick Grimstrup, On page 327 under the name of Grimstrup there is a mistake Frederick William Grimstrup did not marry Minnie O Groves as you have indicated he married a Elizabeth Anne McKee in New Zealand in 1912 (I think)
    William Grimstrup married Minnie O Groves he was the younger brother the error comes about with the two brothers christian names
    William was christend William Fredrick.the reverse of his older brother
    Would you please correct the information Yours most sincerely Brian Patrick Grimstrup (New Zealand)
    email address
  • [S690] Debbie Baker, E-Mail from Debbie Baker, Dear Brian,

    I have been researching my family tree, and was curious about a great aunt. I found her in the Turnbull Clan ancestry. She was Verena Arvilla Munro married to Frank Nelson Turnbull, Sr. Only her name was listed with no other information. I am wondering if I could pass on her birthdate and deathdate as I found it in the Moreau (Munroe) Family Bible.

    It was very exciting to find this great aunt. She passed away giving birth to her 3rd child. Both mom and child died.

    Verena still has a brother and a sister still alive living in Nova Scotia.

    Thank you for all of this information. It was very exciting to find my aunt's name at least.

    Debbie Baker

    Thanks for responding. I don't know a lot about Verena and Frank. I believe they lived in New Glasgow where he managed or owned a pub. He then moved to PEI (I think) and eventually to Ontario (I think).

    Verena Arvilla Moreau.
    b. Feb 1916
    d. Feb 1940

    Hi again,
    I had a chance to view your website. It's nice.

    Here is the info I have on Verena. She was born 22 Sept 1916, probably Mill Village, NS. Her last name is recorded in the family Bible as Moreau. Long story short: She had a 4th great grandfather who was bad and his wife changed the name from Moreau to Munroe. I haven't been able to find out the details on what the bad stuff was.

    I don't know how much information you would like to have on Verena. I have family branches all the way back to 1750 or earlier depending on which branch.

    Her children would be about the same age as my mother and her sisters. They would all be first cousins.

    I don't know but I assume she was buried in Pictou County. I'll check the cemeteries in the South Shore though to see if she was in fact buried in her home region.

    Thanks again, Brian. I really appreciate this.


    P.S. Did I tell you that she still has a brother and a sister living here in NS
  • [S691] Rosemary Tytherleigh, E-Mail from Rosemary Tytherleigh, Hi Brian, Brian TCA wrote: Thanks for your speedy reply. I am sure my Casina Ellen and yours are the same. Info I have is that Casina Ellen Hickens married John Jennings in or around 1889. John Jennings was the curator of the SCG, he died in 1911. Then married your Henry Turnbull in1916. John and Casina had no children. Johns parents were Thomas and Bridget. Migrated to Australia in 1865 on the ship Sirocco. Hope this is of some benefit to you. Happy Hunting Rosemary
  • [S692] Kay Feltham, E-Mail from Kay Feltham, Hello Brian, I have just visited your Turnbull Clan Genealogy Collection as I spotted that you have some Willgooses listed and I am the member of the Guild of One-Name Studies researching this surname and all its variants. I think there may be a slight error in your data: You have Joseph Wilgoose n.abt.1849 m. Elizabeth Baird with parents Ralph and Sarah Pickering. I believe the mother is wrongly attributed. My records show: Joseph Willgoose/Wildgoose n.abt.1849 England d.24 Aug 1915 Bombala, NSW (f. Ralph m. Unknown) m.23 May 1881 Bombala Elizabeth Baird and Joseph Wildgoose n.05 Oct 1845 Callow, Derbyshire d.bef.1881 (f. Ralph m. Sarah Pickering) m.00 Dec 1866 Belper, Derbyshire Elizabeth Vernon nee Turner You also have Amy Ingram n.abt.1889 m. C. Wilgoose I have Joseph A. Willgoose m.1909 NSW Amy Ingram My guess is that these two Amys are the same person. I wonder if you agree. My data can be found on my website A Gaggle of Geese (http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~willgooseweb) Warmest wishes from a very cold Lincolnshire
  • [S693] Antoinette Morier, E-Mail from Antoinette Morier, I am researching into the 'Morier' family and came across your 'Turnbull'

    My grandfather John Bernard Richard Morier was born in Chelsea England in
    1863. John B R Morier was the son of Francis (or Francois) Eugene Morier
    and Eleanor M W Tucker (ref M.#24942) In the 1881 Census the names of
    William Wakefield Morier (b 1867) (ref #24945) and Francis E Morier (b1862)
    (ref 24944) - possibly known as Frank - were listed.

    I believe that they were the brothers of my grandfather John B R Morier.
    John B R Morier married my grandmother in Singapore in 1897 (he must have
    been 34 years old). I am curious as to whether he too went to Australia
    before coming to Singapore as there is nothing known of him except that he
    married in Singapore and had 5 children. He was said to be a mariner and
    possibly died in India.

    Love to hear from you.

    Antoinette Morier
  • [S694] Michele Pollock, E-Mail from Michele Pollock, I was born Michele Louise Turnbull on 7th September 1952. I am the daughter of Ronald Stanley Turnbull (1922-1993), who was the adopted or fostered son of Dio Baldwin Turnbull. Dio (1895-circa 1968) appears in the Turnbull clan genealogy records, where I was able to find your E-mail address. I have a full family tree from my mother's side, but am unable to trace any records of my father as I do not know his birth surname. My mother told me that dad had been fostered by Dio (aka Tom) and his wife, Elizabeth Mary Martin, and that she thought he changed his name to Turnbull by deed poll when he turned 21. Would you have any information regarding my father, or would you be able to suggest some avenues I could pursue. I would love to know more of my father's background.
    Many thanks.
    Michele Pollock
  • [S695] Marian, E-Mail from Marian, Lucy Jewison WEST
    Lucy was born at St John's Woods Terrace, Marylebone, Middlesex, England on 29 August 1844, the only known child of Robert Simpson Jewison and Emma West. Emma West, daughter of Simeon Levi West and his wife Mary Ann Paine, later married Thomas Smallwood on 6 September 1852 at Warrington, Cheshire, England.
    A ‘Lucy West’ born in Norley England, married a James Turnbull in the State of Victoria in the year 1866, Certificate Number 699 (No place of Registration Recorded)
    Issue: James Turnbull b 1867 Cert No. 10246 Place: Myrniong
    Edmund West Turnbull b 1869 Cert No. 705 Place: Ballarat
    Margaret Emma b 1871 Cert No. 8027 Place: Cogh
    Walter John b 1873 Cert No. 5311 Place: Shurst
    Searched for Deaths and Marriages of the West/Turnbull family in Victoria up to 1945 could not find any mention of them – must have changed states or even moved to New Zealand.

    1881 British Census
    Lucy TURNBULL Head W Female 34 St. John Wood, Middlesex Eng
    James TURNBULL Son Male 14 Australia Pupil
    Edmund TURNBULL Son Male 12 Australia Scholar
    Margaret TURNBULL Dau Female 10 Australia Scholar
    Walter J. TURNBULL Son Male 8 Australia Scholar
    George B. TURNBULL Son Male 6 New Zealand Scholar

    Dwelling Twisel Mill
    Census Place Twizell In Berwick, Northumberland, England
  • [S696] John Embleton, E-Mail from John Embleton, Hello Brian
    I have been in touch with Turnbull family before (email address) but haven't been able to raise anyone for quite some time.
    Via the work from your family, it turns out that your Hannah Embleton was the sister of my Grandfather Joseph Macedon Embleton. He married Lilian Jane McParlin (I have a copy of their marriage Certificate) and until recently it was thought that Joseph was an only child (there was never any other family mentioned.
    Joseph was a mine manager in Kalgoorlie when he met and married Lilian. I wonder what happened for him to not have contact with his family and what happened to them. Joseph and Lilian had 3 boys and 3 girls. There are now just 3 male Embletons.
    Would love to know if you have any other information on the Embleton family. Big ask, I know, since you are researching the Turnbull clan, but anything you or your family members may have would be appreciated.
    Kind regards,
    John Embleton

    Hell again Brian,
    The following is info I received from Dianne Turnbull back in 2003.
    "Now, a couple of years ago I stumbled across a copy of the Newcastle & Lower Hunter Pre - 1900 Pioneer Register. he information was collected by a researcher in Sydney. The following information is what I found.
    George Embleton was born 1831/1832 in the Northumberland/Co. Durham area. He was the son of Robert Embleton and Hannah Roxsby. George arrived in Melbourne aboard the vessel "Ocean Chief" in 1854. He was a free settler and his occupation was listed as "Goldminer". On December 6 1856 George married a Mary Ann Wilkinson in a Ballarat Presbyterian Church.
    Mary Ann Wilkinson was baptised on January 1 1832 in Haswell, Co. Durham. She was the daughter of Thomas Wilkinson and Margaret Burnip. Mary Ann arrived in Melbourne on September 9 1856 aboard the vessel "Golden Era".
    Their children were:
    Margaret Eleanor Embleton
    Mary Ann Embleton
    Thomas Embleton
    George Wilkinson Embleton
    Robert Embleton
    Hannah Embleton
    Margaret Burnip Embleton
    Thomas Wilkinson Embleton
    Joseph Embleton
    Elizabeth Dickinson Embleton
    Now an interesting bit! You mentioned that Joseph was born at sea. Yet the information listed in the pioneer register states that all of the children were born in the Ballarat/Durham Lead areas of Victoria. Unless Joseph was born en route to Newcastle? Of course I do not know how old this research/information is.
    The last bit of information I have is that George and Mary Ann lived on the Hamilton Commonage from 1880 until their deaths in 1908 (George) and 1916 (Mary Ann). Both of them are buried in the Church of England section at Sandgate Cemetery.
    I haven't heard from Kayta for about 18 months now. From her research Kayta found that her ancestor was a Robert Embleton (born 1822) who was the brother of George Embleton (born 1831/1832). It seems as though Robert and his family also lived in the Hamilton area before settling in the Maitland district. As certain Christian names were always used in the family, it's been tricky working who belong to who - if you know what I mean."
  • [S697] Mark Grobien, E-Mail from Mark Grobien, Dear Brian,
    I am just discovering your very intersting web site where I figure as Mark Gabien. My family name ist actually GROBIEN. My father's name is Tom Hermann GROBIEN married to Von Philippa Grobien born Blagrave-Ellis , daughter of Noël Fisher Blagrave-Ellis (born Turnbull) and John Blagrave-Ellis. Noël was the daughter of George Turnbull and Jessie Stevenson.
    By the way, Noël's brother John Seymour Turnbll was a flying ace of the First World War.
    Please don't hesitate to mail me for further information!
  • [S698] Robert Grieve, E-Mail from Robert Grieve, Hello Brian, by way of introduction my name is Robert (Bob) Grieve. I am
    researching the William Grieve/Elenor Turnbull family. They married 9 June
    1821, Ingram County, Northumberland, England. In going througjh your clan
    genealogy I didn't come across Elenor. Her father was Patrick Turnbull,
    mother was Alice. Elenor was born 18 September 1794, Harbottle. Possible
    relation to you? Hope to hear from you. Love the site. Regards, Bob
  • [S699] Myrna J. Coubrough, E-Mail from Myrna J. Coubrough, Dear Mr. Turnbull,
    Great site! You have done an awful lot of work to have so many people in
    your tree.

    My name is Myrna Coubrough, and I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In my never-ending search for Coubroughs, I have just come across your web site, where I found a William Coubrough [#6990] who was married to Stella C.J. Hillaire [#6979]. I was pleased to see the names of Stella's parents there, as I did not have them in my file. I have been
    researching Coubroughs for quite a while, and I have several generations of William's ancestors, if you should happen to be interested. I also
    thought you might like to know that William and Stella's child Kevin
    [#7010] is a man, not a woman, and that they also had a son James. I
    have another generation of descendants for the sons, too, if you're

    Happy hunting,
    Myrna J. Coubrough

    Hi Brian,
    Here is what I have about the family of Eliza Turnbull Cowburgh, dau Wm.
    C & Agnes Turnbull. The information is from Claude Smith, who I think is
    a descendant of Eliza Jane's second daughter, Rosiena. Mr. Smith lived
    in Cambrige, Ontario, at the time he sent the information, but as it was
    a few years ago, I have no idea if he is still there. I also have four
    generations of ancestors for William, if anyone is interested. Agnes
    Turnbull's father-in-law, another William Cowburgh, was at one time
    fairly well off. He owned land near Loch Ellrig, in Stirlingshire,
    Scotland, as well as land in a couple of other places. In the early
    1800s, he became a shareholder in the ill-fated Falkirk Union Bank. When
    the bank crashed, he lost everything, except a few family heirlooms
    which his sister was able to rescue by claiming that they were hers and
    thus not subject to the bankruptcy valuation. Agnes's husband would have
    been substantially less well off than his father had been. Eliza Jane's
    husband was, I think, the manager of a woolen mill at Rockwood, but I'm
    not sure.

    Descendants of Eliza Jane Cowburgh
    1 Eliza Jane Cowburgh b: August 9, 1856 Ladhope, Roxburgh, Scotland
    d: 1935 Rockwood, Eramosa Twp., Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada
    .. +James Bertram b: May 25, 1856 Symington, Lanark, Scotland m: October
    28, 1881 New Edinburgh, Carleton Co., Ontario, Canada d: 1932 Rockwood,
    Eramosa Twp., Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada Father: James Robert
    Bertram Mother: Marion Bradfute [Broadfoot?]
    ........ 2 Robert Bertram
    ........ 2 James Bertram
    ........ 2 Agnes Turnbull Bertram b: abt. November 1883 Galashiels,
    Galashiels, Selkirk, Scotlandd: January 31, 1907 Rockwood, Eramosa Twp.,
    Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada
    ............+James H. Royce b: 1890 m: Rockwood, Eramosa Twp.,
    Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada d: 1970
    ........ 2 Rosiena Frobert Bertram b: May 10, 1888 Galashiels,
    Ladhope, Selkirk, Scotland d: October 30, 1967 Lucan, Ontario, Canada
    ............ +Albert Ernest Smith b: January 28, 1879 Walsingham,
    Norfolk Co., Ontario, Canada m: April 16, 1908 Rockwood, Eramosa Twp.,
    Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada d: July 6, 1941 Grand Valley, Ontario,
    ................... 3 Bertram Ernest Smith b: May 19, 1911 Hamilton,
    Ontario, Canada d: 1987 Erin, Ontario, Canada
    ....................... +Flora Donalda Swinton m: 1942
    ................... 3 Donald Byron Smith b: March 17, 1914 Bright,
    Blenheim Twp., Oxford Co., Ontario
    .......................+Flora Annie Whitton b: June 26, 1922 Tilney,
    Saskatchewan, Canada m: August 2, 1947 St. Alban's Church, Grand Valley,
    ................... 3 James William Smith b: July 5, 1921 Waterdown,
    Ontario, Canada
    .......................+Constance Loraine King b: 1921 m: June 22, 1944

    ........ *2nd Husband of Rosiena Frobert Bertram:
    ............+Alexander Macfarlane b: March 9, 1873 m: abt. 1948
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    ........ 2 Nellie Bertram b: March 1891 d: July 25, 1898 Rockwood,
    Eramosa Twp., Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada
    ........ 2 Jane Bertram b: October 12, 1884 Lanark Co., Ontario, Canada

    The dates I have for this family are from the NSW vital statistics web
    site, which is why they are years only. I haven't got around to actually
    buying all the certificates yet. I have five generations of ancestors
    for James W. m. Grace Selby, if anyone wants them. Anthony Park
    Coubrough, older brother of James's great-grandfather, owned the
    Strathblane Calico Printworks, in Strathblane, Stirling, Scotland. That
    branch of the family is still quite well off. John Anthony Coubrough,
    son of Stella's younest son, Ronald Macdonald C, is a building
    contractor, I think. He lived in Sydney, in 1999, when I spoke to him,
    but I don't know if he is still there. He's the one who told me that we
    couldn't be related because I'm Canadian and he's Australian.

    James W. went to Australia, as a boy, with his parents, in 1883:

    "Directory of Scots in Australasia 1788 - 1900," (Dobson, David, 1998),
    part 3, page 8:
    Conbrough, James, his wife and four children, Glasgow, emigrated from
    Dundee on the clipper ship "Duntrune," master John Rollo, 1.9.1883,
    landed Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Queensland, 12.1883. [DPL.MS.405]Fr 5973;
    Ba # C119673; So # 102922, 102923, 9"

    Descendants of James W. Coubrough
    1 James W. Coubrough b: abt. 1876 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
    .. +Grace Selby m: 1900 Granville, New South Wales, Australia
    ........ 2William H. Coubrough b: 1898 Granville, New South Wales,
    ............ +Stella C. J. Hilaire m: 1925 Redfern, New South Wales,
    Australia (NSW Marriage record # 15372/1925) Father: James H. Hillaire
    Mother: Caroline Amelia Cooper
    ................... 3Ronald Coubrough
    ............................. 4Neil Coubrough
    ........................................ 5Scott Coubrough
    ........................................ 5Joel Coubrough
    ............................. 4Mark Coubrough
    ................................. +Karen --?--
    ........................................ 5Ben Coubrough
    ........................................ 5Mitchell Coubrough
    ................... 3James Coubrough
    ............................. 4Keith Coubrough
    ................... 3William Coubrough
    ............................. 4Glen Coubrough
    ............................. 4Greg Coubrough
    ................... 3Kevin Coubrough
    ....................... +May --?--
    ............................. 4Scott Coubrough
    ........................................ 5Grace Coubrough
    ............................. 4Brett Coubrough
    ........................................ 5Zach Coubrough
    ........................................ 5India Coubrough
    ........ 2James W. Coubrough b: 1900 Granville, New South Wales, Australia
    ........ 2Mary A. Coubrough b: 1902 Granville, New South Wales, Australia
    ............ +Thomas G. Taylor m: 1923 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    ........ 2John H. P. Coubrough b: 1904 Waterloo, New South Wales, Australia
    ........ 2Thomas Coubrough b: abt. 1906
    ........ 2Ronald Macdonald Coubrough b: abt. 1908 Australia d: 1994
    ............ +Johanna Mavis --?-- b: abt. 1915 d: August 21, 2005
    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    ................... 3John Anthony Coubrough
    ....................... +Carol Louise Sheridan
    ............................. 4John Coubrough
    ............................. 4Daughter Coubrough
    ............................. 4Travis Anthony Coubrough
    ................... 3Brian D. Coubrough
    ............................. 4Chanel Coubrough
    ........ 2Alice Coubrough

    I don't know anything else about the Turnbulls in this family, but I
    have seven generations of James' ancestors. He is actually a distant
    cousin of the William C who married Agnes Turnbull, parents of Eliza
    Jane, above. (Wm & James are 3rd cousins twice removed.) I don't know
    if James and Agnes Cruickshank had any other kids. The dates are
    extracts from the civil registers, in Edinburgh.

    Descendants of James Coubrough
    1James Coubrough b: April 6, 1875 Anderston, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
    .. +Agnes Cruickshank b: abt. 1880 m: April 15, 1904 Charing Cross
    Hall, Kelvin, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland Father: William Cruickshank
    Mother: Agnes Turnbull
    ........ 2Archibald Clacher Coubrough b: October 24, 1918 7 Balmoral
    Drive, Carmyle, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland d: April 6, 1943 Killed in
    Action in Southern Tunisia

    Hope you find something of interest in here. I am happy to share with
    any descendants who are interested in the Coubrough ancestors, and I
    would be grateful for anything about the parents of either of "my" Agnes

    Happy hunting,
    Myrna J. Coubrough
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