Turnbull Clan Genealogy Collection

Frederick Saunderson

M, #19066, b. about 1915
Last Edited25 May 2017


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BMDB Events

BirthFrederick Saunderson was born about 1915.
MarriageFrederick Saunderson and Regina Mary Carberry were married about 1941 in Grenfell, New South Wales, AustraliaG.1

Family: Regina Mary Carberry (b. about 1915)

DaughterHelen Saunderson
DaughterMaureen Saunderson
SonPeter Saunderson


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Gurney Thomas Horsley

M, #19069, b. 10 August 1896, d. 25 September 1974
Last Edited25 May 2017
ReferencesWilliam Rule b1283, Scotland - Kenneth James Turnbull, Australia & Wally Turnbull, USA & Albert Turnbull, England.


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FatherCharles James Horsley (b. 24 June 1865, d. 6 December 1910)
MotherMinnie Mabel Green

BMDB Events

MarriageGurney Thomas Horsley and Leah Harrison were married.1
BirthGurney Thomas Horsley was born on 10 August 1896 in Tumbarumba, New South Wales, AustraliaG.1
DeathGurney Thomas Horsley died on 25 September 1974 at age 78.

Family: Leah Harrison

SonJack Horsley
DaughterThelma Horsley
DaughterLeah Merle Horsley
SonFrank Horsley (b. 31 August 1924, d. about 1942)
SonRoy Horsley
SonClaude Horsley
DaughterClaire Horsley


  1. [S2] TURNBULL, S.J. (deceased), T0002

Thomas O'Reilly

M, #19071, b. about 1920
Last Edited25 May 2017


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BMDB Events

BirthThomas O'Reilly was born about 1920.
MarriageThomas O'Reilly and Cecily Carberry were married about 1944.

Family: Cecily Carberry (b. about 1920)

SonThomas O'Reilly
DaughterPatricia O'Reilly
DaughterJillian O'Reilly
DaughterMargaret O'Reilly