Turnbull Clan Genealogy Collection

Bruce Sinclair

M, #10153, d. 6 June 1971
Last Edited25 May 2017


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BMDB Events

MarriageBruce Sinclair and Heather Joan Morrow were married on 17 September 1955.1
DeathBruce Sinclair died on 6 June 1971.1

Family: Heather Joan Morrow

DaughterClaire Joan Sinclair
DaughterIsabel May Sinclair
SonIan David Sinclair
SonRobert Bruce Sinclair


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Coral Mary Beck

F, #10161, b. about 1906
Last Edited25 May 2017


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FatherJames G. Beck (d. about 1906)
MotherFlorence Marion Bairstow (b. 27 August 1885, d. 16 December 1931)

BMDB Events

BirthCoral Mary Beck was born about 1906 in Deniliquin, New South Wales, AustraliaG.1
MarriageArthur Yates and Coral Mary Beck were married about 1928. Casino, NSW2,3

Family: Arthur Yates (b. 10 December 1901, d. 21 May 1954)

SonArthur Rex Yates+
SonLawrence James Yates+
SonCecil Frederick Yates+
SonKeith Victor Yates

Other Life Events

NameCoral Mary Beck was also known as Coral Mary Yates.2,3


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